Rap and Hip-Hop have become some of the most prominent genres of the music worldwide but is unfortunately predominantly produced in America. However, in the last few years there has been a push from south asians to contribute to the genre. Thus there is the creation of the sub-genre of Desi Hip-Hop or Bollyhood. Although I am not personally a huge fan of Rap and Hip-Hop, I think Bollyhood is of of the most unique and diverse genres of music. Bollyhood music has been produced in various countries in South Asia as well as in the UK and North America which has created music in languages from Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil and English with various styles from old school hip-hop to grime and trap rap. It’s also interesting to see the various Desi elements and influences found in Bollyhood music such as hindustani classical, Hindu devotional, folk and Bollywood. Despite how new the genre of music is, artists like Raja Kumari, Raxstar, Feteh and DIVINE have already gained international acclaim which has caused Bollyhood music to become increasingly popular and one of the largest growing genres in the industry.

Bellow is a playlist of my favourite Bollyhood Songs