Gully Boy


Gully Boy by Zoya Akhtar just released so of course I had to go watch it on opening night. I have been listening to DIVINE and Naezy’s music for the past three or four years and have seen the impact they have made in creating a thriving hip-hop scene in Mumbai and across South Asia. The film did an excellent job in creating a story that highlights the importance of hip-hop in providing an outlet for young people living in the slums to express their thoughts and struggles. Additionally, Gully Boy is one of the first Bollywood films that I think did a decent job of representing Muslims. Alia Bhatt’s character was dynamic and multidimensional and did a tremendous job in demonstrating a Muslim woman who was proud of her identity and culture while also being intelligent and independent. It was also fascinating to see that despite the film being fiction, it gave credit to the artists that played a vital role in creating and developing the scene. There were cameos and shoutouts to artists such as DIVINE, Emiway Bantai and Bobby Friction. it also highlighted the involvement of women and shared their contributions by featuring cameos of Raja Kumari and Dee MC. Perhaps the most exciting thing about the film was the killer soundtrack that featured some of DIVINE and Naezy’s old songs as well as new ones that they made for the film. I definitely recommend that everyone watches the film.

Below is a playlist that features Gully Hip-Hop