Parekh & Singh

Parekh and Singh are a music duo from Kolkata, India. They are an alternative rock band who mostly create dream pop music. In terms of lyrics and melody, Parekh and Singh are one of my favorite bands. The vocals are crisp and dreamy with lyrics that ponder over life and existence. The band is also at the forefront of the rising indie music scene in India and have done a tremendous job of introducing the genre to people in the region while producing music that is loved globally. They also have created beautiful music videos with very lovely aesthetics.

Included below is their debut album, Ocean.  


Beirut has to be one of the most interesting and unique bands I have listened to. The American based, six-membered band led by Zach Condon combine genres of indie rock and world to create powerful music with vocals that echo with passion. The incorporation of world music is what I find most interesting as Beirut has been able to combine elements of mariachi, arias, Balkan music and chanson without it sounding odd or out of place. Rather it creates for beautiful music that I have not heard replicated by any other band. Check out this playlist of my favourite songs by Beirut.

Why I shoot Long Exposure Photography

I have always had a tremendous passion for photography. I love the ability to capture a memory, story or experience and share it with others. However, like any other form of art, I developed a great interest for the process. I began to put more and more effort into how I captured my work in order to create a more powerful story. This is how I developed my passion for long exposure photography. If you do not already know, long exposure photography is when you use longer shutter speeds on a camera to capture more vivid colour ranges as well as motion in photographs.

Whenever I would travel to a new place or see a beautiful or stunning sight, I would always try to capture it in a photograph to be able to share it with others and create memories for myself. I always felt that the photograph wasn’t doing it justice, that I wasn’t able to capture enough in just this one still image. Shooting long exposures allows me to capture so much more, whether it’s the movement of the clouds, water, people or cars, I find that I am contributing more to the story I have created.

I also sometimes find myself clicking away without truly experiencing my surrounding and end up living my life through my camera lens just so I can get "the perfect shot”. Giving more importance to the process has allowed me to be more mindful and better appreciate the places I am lucky enough to be able to experience and capture through my photography.